"If a society is based on control by private wealth it will reflect the values it does in fact reflect, the value that is greed, and the desire to maximize personal gain, at the expense of others. Any society, a small society based on that principle is ugly, a global society based on that principle is headed for massive destruction"

Noam Chomsky mastodon.dirkkelly.com/media/f

Feature: As a Google Admin I must whitelist OAuth clients for my users

Given I am a user
And I attempt to oauth with a client
And that client is not whitelisted
Then I can request the Admin whitelist it

Given I am an Admin
When I am in my OAuth configuration
And I can see whitelisted clients
And I can whitelist requested clients
And I can remove whitelisted clients

A very insightful post, covering Constitutional rights of U.S non-citizens and "The Pernicious “Plenary Power” Doctrine"


Relocating my US Base of Operations to Fort Collins Colorado in August 2017

Toot! Successfully created a single user instance of mastodon, successfully configured with Heroku, Gmail, Cloudflare, and S3, cost $14/month💪🏻